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Lions Dream Publishing focuses on 7 service areas: Marketing and Branding, Editing, Design, Direction, Distribution, Speaker Platform Packaging, All Access to LIVE Courses, in addition to 50 printed books. See each service area and the benefits from our team of experts below.

I. Marketing and Branding

  • 5-Tier Public Relations Strategy (Included with Author Speaker Secrets)
  • Book Selling Strategy Coaching
  • Landing Page/Website
  • Payment Portal through website (via Stripe or Pay Pal)
  • Calendar of Strategic Events

    II. Editing
  • Developmental Editing
  • Copy Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Front Matter/Back Matter Editing
  • Print Layout
  • E-book Layou t

    III. Design
  • Full Book Cover (Front, Back, Spine)
  • One Pager
  • Flyer (Horizontal Banner, Standing Banner, Book Mark, Pre-Order, Launch, E-book)

    IV. Direction
  • Author Secrets (Course Training)
  • How to Become a Best-Selling 6-Figure Author in 90 Days - Training
  • Platform Consulting
  • Execution Timeline Development
  • Author Entrepreneur Consulting Sessions

    V. Distribution
  • Print & E-book
  • Pre-Order/Launch Strategy
  • Amazon
  • Apple Store
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Timeline Accountability

    VI. Speaker Platform Package
  • Speaker Secrets (Course Training)
  • Coaching Session
  • Niche Training
  • Speaker Kit Training
  • One Pager Training
  • Speaker Bureau Training
  • Speaking Entrepreneur Coaching Sessions

    VII. Accountability and Expert Services
  • 4 Expert Mentoring Hours
  • Executive Team Member Assistance
  • Virtual Timeline and Progress Tracker
  • 50 Printed Books

Your Instructor

Shawn T. Blanchard
Shawn T. Blanchard

Shawn Blanchard is a mentor, mentee, and the Mentorship Specialist. He's married to making the lives of others better. He's the CEO of Lions Dream Publishing, Co-Owner & Social Responsibility Advisor for a custom suit company, “SnapSuits”, a Best-Selling Author, Speaker, and an active member on a number of boards. He has recently finished a 42-stop national book tour with his best-selling book, “How ‘Bout That For a Crack Baby: Keys to Mentorship and Success.” Shawn has also been featured on CNN’s “Impact Your World”, Black Enterprise "BE Modern Man" awarded as one of America’s Top 35 Millennial Influencers by the Next Big Thing Movement, and recently received the 2017 National Made Man Award.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the publishing program begin and end?
The publishing process begins upon payment. After the first meeting is set and the timeline schedule is built each client will have a book launch date.
How long do I have access to the Lions Dream Publishing expertise?
You have have access throughout the life of the contractual agreement. The contract last a year after your book launch date.